Use Review Website before Shopping Prom Dresses Online

In an era when Internet is ruling the world, online commerce is widely prevalent. While the sellers are drumming up about the features of products as highly superior, you, as a consumer, are terribly bewildered as which one to buy as a real worth for your money. You’re, therefore, best advised to use review websites before shopping online. This technique provides the necessary touchstone and direction for judging the veracity of the claims.

When you buy and use a product, make sure to voice your opinion as feedback. Study reveals that about 47% of Britons are in the habit of writing reviews.

How it’s useful?

Reading reviews clears doubts of the potential buyers, prompting them to make the purchase. It thus improves conversion rate, increasing sales, as per studies.

Some truths about the efficacy of reviews:

Most readers are led by consumers’ reviews as they feel they are more reliable than the sellers’ claims. Site visitors mostly are serious and order purchase.

A few review (feedback) sites are discussed here highlighting how reviews as a whole serve as beacon light for purchasers.

The services reviewed are products shipping, online transactions and website usability.



Postcode anywhere functioning from Worcester, England, has its ecommerce review findings as below. You can go through it for knowing the pros and cons.

Regarding shipping and delivery:

More women than men judge customers’ vote as more important and helpful.

Security problems and tedious and lengthy formats have deterred some buyers to the extent that they finally withdrew from the buying mode.

Most consumers consider speedy despatch and delivery as a very significant part of overall service. About two thirds of consumers insist on delivery at the assured times.

Around half of the consumers prefer mixed mode buying indicating option for collecting the product in-stores. About 10% have deferred Christmas purchases this year because of delivery issues experienced last time.

The lesson: Delivery process is as important as the product itself. So the business community should improve the delivery chain. The online buyer should not be made to suffer.The site and proforma should be made simpler for easy processing.

2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/0/22728224

How to make safe online shopping?

Before entering card details, always confirm the site is trustworthy and secured with https. You can consult Internet and your friends about this. Don’t also be carried away by fabulous offers.

Payment precautions:

While giving password online, make the password strong. Don’t make any online purchase from a public place.

After you click “Add to basket” you fill the personal details in the form carefully. Tick the conditions box after reading the conditions. Then fill up details about payment card.

Second password may be required as a double-safety now. When middlemen are needed while buying through auctions, you may seek PayPal’s role.

You can get refund if the item is returned to the seller. But you have to do it following the seller’s conditions. During transactions done using cards, don’t give the PIN to anybody. Also, your card details should not be kept stored in the site. If found continuing, you have to contact the site and insist on deletion. If the company supplying the product is outside EU, some special regulations regarding taxes and duties need to be followed. You have to refer to the concerned sites for this.

3. http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/address-capture-software

Some lacunae in a website and the remedial measures taken using Capture+ are discussed here. These are useful for companies to improve their site’s usability by customers.

(a) Enter correct data: The Company has to obtain address details correctly without any need for corrections later.

(b) Make data entries speedily without typing errors to avoid missed deliveries.

(c) Discourage process-abandonments by simplifying the format.

These are found to have improved sales conversion and quality of the database in companies.

Capture + is compatible with any internet-enabled device-computer, smartphone and tablet, and has helped detect address landmarks and misspellings for easy delivery.Updating is done daily then and there unlike in the past.

4. www.bluepark.co.uk/latest-updates.html

This review site depicts how Bluepark service provider’s sites are improved with latest updates for better utilisation.

Bluepack is checking the payment automatically using an alternative secure protocol, not depending upon SSL 3.0. Poodle Bug has been fixed on all Bluepark servers.

The company has option to indicate VAT separately or include in the price itself. Patching of servers has been done to ward off bugs in the servers. Mobile template testing, multiple gift vouchers per order, network status, storage capacity rise,

Dashboard graphs and many other upgrades have been made such that it is latest, making use of the site easier and attracting more customers.

Whether company or individuals, these are helpful.

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