How to wear properly as wedding guests?

While one cannot do anything to upstage the bride on her special day but then again there is no reason for a lady to not look good. After all there are numerous photos in which they would be appearing.

However whenever one is invited to a friends’ wedding, one common problem is striking the right balance between a formal dress and off course the comfort. The wedding dress should have the right color, it should not be too tight or revealing and most importantly it should allow one to move about freely the entire night. Also one should consider the venue which the wedding is being held. While some venues demand formal attires for the ladies to wear, in others they can cater to semi-formal or prom gowns without any problems. The most important thing in selecting a wedding dress is that it should not outclass the brides’ attire. So there is a heck of a lot of things which one needs to consider looking into.

The dressing tips for wedding attendants;

To help our readers out, here are some important tips regarding how to dress properly as wedding attendants:

The first and most important tip for ladies to follow is to have fun in their wedding attires. There are some colors which are considered suitable for almost any given occasion. These are namely bright colors such as blue, green, pink, orange, purple and etc. However try and avoid colors which are neon tones because they are considered to be a bit informal for special events. Also prints, floral, stripes, or polka dots are alright but animal prints or psychedelic patterns are a bit NO. This is a special event not some run down in pubs. So these designs should be left at home.

Another thing which ladies should avoid is floor length ball gowns. For then brides of the bridesmaid, these designs are alright as it will make them shine all night. Rather than that, one can tend to knee length prom dresses. They are classy and will make one feel good about them-selves. Ladies should also avoid knee height gowns as in some occasions as it may show disrespect to some of the elderly guests.

The most important thing is to avoid black colored prom dresses or for that matter black colored robes. Many may ask why since black is such a beautiful color to support. Well the reason is that in some cultures, black is considered disrespectful for women to tend to. The belief is that is gives out negativity and conveys somber messages of death and mourning. Plus some cultures are also considered to be a sign of evil and wearing it on a wedding will bring bad luck upon the bride. Another color which one should not wear is crisp white as it is the bride who wears it on her favorite day. Instead if one has decided to go with a light toned color shade, then they can opt for egg shell, ivory or for that matter nude as it will enhance their skin tones even more.

The ladies should also keep in mind not to wear short skirts or prom dresses which are a bit too revealing as it may give out the wrong indications.

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