How to Measure Yourself for a Better Fitting Prom Dresses

MarieProm the famous online shop offering more than 1500 latest design prom dresses to choose from.

Founded in 2008, the prom dresses online store offers exclusively tailor made prom dresses besides cocktail dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, graduation dresses and celebrity dresses for having stunning and befitting appearances in all occasions.

The prom dresses that the organization make come in two types; such as long prom dress and short prom dress and are also available in wide range of styles and vibrant colors to fit any shape and size.

The organization has size chart of their own and deliver dresses as per the size mentioned in the order. One can also send her body measurements and send it for having her best fit prom dress.

Briefing the media an executive of the prom dresses online store said, “For a curve fitting prom dress, either the size chart should be referred to accurately or personal measurements taken by professionals has to be sent. While doing this, one must use the size chart for ordering the closest size. One must compare the measurements with the values given for the bust, the waist and the hips and if the body measurements fall between sizes, it is best to select the larger size”

The website also discusses that the secret of procuring a curve fitting prom dress is to find out the body type and it requires careful planning to get a dazzling prom dress. Because the prom dress worn must be able to enhance the beauty of your shape managing the problematic areas of the body.

At MarieProm they manufacture prom dresses for all body shapes such as large busted, small busted, full figured shape, athletic shape and pear shaped ladies keeping in consideration the special tailoring needs for each of them.

Understanding the body type and the style of dresses that suit the body best; paves the way for having a better fitting prom dress to look fresh, confident and glamarous. The website helps ladies with various tips on selection to make them beautiful.

When requested to throw some light on the tips to select best prom dress, a spokesman of the online shop replied, “While choosing the prom dress everyone must focus on fit. The bust should be measured on the fullest part. To locate where to take the measurement of the waist one must bend to one side while standing the natural crease formation and waist measurement should be taken following this line. For taking the measurement of hips one must stand with feet together and take measurement of the fullest part of the hips and rear. For measuring length the measurement must be taken from the hollow to the hem and length form shoulder is to be measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem.”

The website while dwelling on the tips in details also laid down the importance of the shoe while the measurements are taken and cautions to get measurements done by professionals. Prom dresses are generally made as per order and therefore it is better to start shopping well in advance.

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