How to Dress well for 18-age Ceremony?


The senior high-school prom night is a ritual precisely every young boy and girl looks forward to and this special occasion calls for looking you best. At senior school prom night, girls are usually over 18 and that offers a variety of choices to go for when selecting beautiful prom dresses. To be honest, prom dresses come in expensive, plus the additional cost of matching shoes and accessories can add up to a huge bill but hey! Don’t be worries, as we have come up with the most impeccable guidelines to perfect your prom night.

Nice Prom Dresses


Things to Bear in Mind

1.       When hunting for the most suitable prom dresses, the first thing to consider is obviously that your budget is limited. Since you have to save some money for shoes, jewelry, hairdo, makeup, and other accessories as well.

2.       Secondly, going online and scrutinizing the current trends. For example if you check out the latest trends, you’ll discover long gowns, mini-dresses, cocktail dresses, jump suits, casual blouse and skirts, vintage dresses, and much more is in vogue.

3.       After knowing your figure well and what sort of prom dress would highlight you, take your time in picking the most streamlined prom dress from the whole collection of prom dresses.

4.       Color of your dress is a vital too as wrong shade can actually mar your appearance. For your convenience, we have here a complete list of color selections for every complexion. Moreover, you’ll also love to unearth your body type. Therefore continue reading.

5.       Last but not the least, opt for those prom dresses that are in accordance with your school laws, and if you wish to use it again, rather than for just one occasion, better to select something casual, like a skirt and blouse, jump suit, or a trendy jean with a funky top and leather jacket.

The Lovely Body Shapes

There are generally six body shapes that can be attributed to majority of the girls. They comprise busty, petite, hourglass, slender, apple, and pear. So, let’s begin by defining each figure and then deciding which prom dresses you should be eyeing.

1. The Petite Body Type

Petite girls are normally short in height. These girls need to wear V-necks, vertical lines or prints, slim fitting and delicate, feminine prom dresses because these would add a princess allure due to their dainty figure. Also show a little part of leg and wear high heels.

2. The Hourglass Body Type

This build is perfect as it denotes a small waist and well-proportioned body. You can target dresses that enhance your best assets. Wrap prom dresses will definitely bring concentration towards your hourglass figure, especially if the waist is accentuated enough.

3. The Slender Body Type

A slender body shape means that the girl is slim throughout and requires playing upon her slim figure. She can purchase prom dresses that are fitted suitably to heighten the slender physique and can also try dresses with a side slit. An empire waist with asymmetrical neckline will also look cool.

4. The Busty Body Type

As the name suggests, this body type is a girl with heavy bust and narrow hips with undefined waistline. The key here is to balance the look by choosing those prom dresses that add curves to hips and waist. Plus, showing off leg in a long, curvaceous dress is totally the attire to go after.

5. The Apple Body Type

This figured girls possess a heavy middle and must camouflage it by going for those prom dresses that are A-line or are full skirts. That’s because this physique has slim legs and short, undefined waist, so the purpose is to highlight the legs and top. Deciding on a heavily embellished top is also wise.

6. The Pear Body Shape

Pear body shape consists of large hips but slim waist and small bust. The wisest option is to try out prom dresses which enhance your upper body and waist, along with hiding your large hips. Fitted open necklines, A-lines and full skirts are recommended for such girls to proportion the silhouette.

The Complexion Matters Too

Select colors that compliment your skin tone. You can pick any color prom dress you need. If you truly desire to look stunning, consider reducing your picks down to a color that flatters your skin tone the best.

1. The Winter Complexion

Winter complexion has dark skin, or pale white, yellowish-olive tone with blue or pink tinges. You might also own brown hair and dark eyes. Search for dresses with intense colors, and go for preferences like navy blue, black, pink and red. If softer colors are your obsession, watch for icy tones, rather than pastels. Sidestep orange, beige and gold.

2. The Summer Complexion

Summer complexions have light pink skin with pink or blue undertones. You might also boast blonde or neutral brown hair and light eyes. Regard pastel shades and gentle neutral hues with blue or rose traces. Study prom dresses that are plum, lavender, soft blue or rose-brown, however avoid orange and black.

3. The Autumn Complexion

Autumn complexion has warm golden hints. You could also include brown or red hair and golden-brown eyes. Eye colors with likewise golden tinges, comprising, beige, camel, orange, dark brown and gold. Shun blue feels, like navy blue.

4. The Spring Complexion

Spring complexion is milky white or peach with golden tinges. You might have strawberry-red or straw-colored hair, with green or blue eyes, rosy cheeks and freckles. Warm shades like peach, camel, golden-brown and golden-yellow are your aids; plus dull or dark hues should be evaded.

The Conclusion

These are easy to follow instructions and if pursued would only help you more in choosing the most appropriate and gorgeous prom dress from a list that might seem to baffle you. In the end, we leave you with a happy note that whatever your pick might be; ensure that you spend your prom night in one of the best and most comfortable prom dresses.