Cleaning Formal Dresses- Learn to Read Prom Dresses Cleaning Labels

It is really heart breaking when you find a dark spot or stains on your beloved dress. Prom dress means a lot to a girl and she is always ready to take precautions for her lovely dress, as its precious. In this article, we have discussed some tips that can help you in removing stains.

Cleansing Precautions in Prom Dress Selection

We might have several dreams and desires with prom night dress selection. We all try to avoid dust, dirt and stains but if we get, that disappoints very much. To check cleansing labels is an important step but this is not possible while purchasing prom dresses online. Thus, it is necessary that the buyer must look for some essentials things before closing his deal, whether online or offline.

1) We must look at the dress pattern, every dress needs different touch-up.

2) Beaded dress needs more precautions, while washing you must take care for its beads, stones and threads.

3) Colored dresses like yellow, green, red prom dresses should be washed separately with extra care.

4) Material of dress should be such that can be easily washed off.

5) Cleaning, drying, ironing of different dresses require different process, one might not be able to afford that cleaning process. Thus, before purchasing it is good to look at the labels for washing, drying and ironing.

Quickly Learn to Read Prom Dresses Cleaning Labels

If you are willing to get washed your formal or costly clothes you must take some precautions. To prevent your clothes from getting spoiled, you must learn to read prom dresses cleaning labels before washing them. Labels define the treatment needed to keep clothes in good condition. Some labels have been explained in this article.

Bar Under Symbol

- a single bar means moderate treatment and double bars means extremely moderate.


Wash Tub- tells washing requirement and numbers in it tells the required temperature to wash clothes. Cross on it symbolizes laundry wash and hand on it asks for hand wash.


- is used to show bleaching requirement. Empty triangle permits to use bleach, whereas, a crossed triangle prohibits bleach. Oblique 2 lines prohibits using chlorine bleach.



- this is for ironing dress. A crossed iron prohibits such usage and dots on it shows perfect temperature for ironing. One dot shows 110°C and further each dot shows approx 50°C increment in temperature.


Prom Dress Cleaning Tips

The dress that you purchased with lots of love and affection from your savings needs to kept with love for longer. It is your duty to keep it clean and in a perfect way, as it has added memories to your life. And you can also wear it further, in another party. Some tips that keep your such prom memories clean are discussed further.

Dry Cleaning

- It is a better idea to give a clean dry to your prom dress. It adds life to any dress. Any sort of small, beaded, puffy long prom dresses can be dry cleaned easily. You will find your dress in exact manner as you have purchased. Everything remains perfectly intact at its original place.


Stain Removal

- Baking or club soda, salt and lemon are some common homemade stain removing tools. Stains on a light color dress can be found easily but on any dark dress it is hard. But stains on any sort of dress looks bad and its removing process can fade its color. A prolonged stain on red or black prom dresses can be a problem. Thus, before keeping your dress check it perfectly and remove stains quickly.


Removing Makeup Stains

One cannot just believe to see some makeup stains on her clothes. It is extremely tough to remove makeup stains from dress. But here, are some tips that solve your problem.

While dressing you might be hurry and a drop of nail paint can spoil your prom dress. To remove nail paint form your dress you need to put your dress on a paper and then put nail color remover from back side of your dress. After this process wash, rinse and dry your dress.

Many of my friends spoiled there long prom dresses from lipstick of lip gloss stains. But you are not required to get worried about this, as I have a trick for you. You can simply apply bleach, but for black or red prom dresses you can use colored bleach that can vanish it in few minutes. But firstly, read the cleaning label correctly and then use bleach.

Removing foundation stains from your beloved SheinDress prom dresses is now easy. To fight with liquid foundation stain you are required to use a solution of 3%- 4% hydrogen peroxide. This solution can easily remove such stains.


Above mentioned tips and tricks can keep our memories fresh for longer time. Therefore, we should learn to read prom dresses cleaning labels. But this is only possible when we do not make purchases of prom dresses online.